We     hope     you     will     find     the     answers     to     your     questions     and     any     doubts     will     be     dispelled.     If     you     have     a     question     that     is     not   answered on this page, please send mail to: info@babyvac.no or klick to Facebokk sign. Thanks to the ear, nose and throat / ENT specialist and phoniater, Dr. Julianna Gellér, for her help. Frequently Asked Questions about the Baby Vac » Isn't it too drastic to clean a baby's nose with a vacuum cleaner ? No, it isn't. As the apparatus sucks with the help of the vacuum cleaner, but not with its strength. The apparatus adjusts itself. As the vacuum cleaner makes it possible to suck continuously, the secretion can be removed from all parts of the nose. » Isn't it painful to use the Baby-Vac? Isn't it unpleasant? Children usually don't like if somebody is picking their nose, but an ear-ache and other complications can be more serious. If the secretion is not removed properly with the help of the Baby-Vac these complications are more likely to develop. » Can the Baby-Vac used in case of infants? Yes,   of   course,   mainly   if   the   baby   cannot   breathe   through   its   nose   or   if   the   nose   is   snuffled.   When   a   baby   can   not   breathe   through   its   mouth,   it can neither suck or sleep. » How often should the Baby-Vac be used? As often as the child snuffles or his/her nose needs to be blown. » Are there any side-effects of the Baby-Vac? No, there aren't. Similar to blowing your nose. » Is it necessary to use a vacuum cleaner/hoover? The secretion can not be removed from the nasal cavities, unless you have continuous suction. » Isn't the child afraid of the Baby-Vac? It depends on the child. Some of them are afraid at first, but later they get used to it. Some children even try to use it alone, but it's better if the parents use the apparatus. » Is the procedure sterile enough? The Baby-Vac doesn't need to be sterile. It's enough to sterilize the evacuator (A) by putting it into boiling water occasionally. If you use it continually it's enough to wash the whole apparatus with hot soapy water and then rinse it.

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» Why is the child coughing if he/she has not got a running nose? Paranasal   sinuses   open   to   upper   part   of   the   common   nasal   canals.   Owing   to   anatomical   reasons   he   secretion   produced   here   may   flow backwards   more   easily   than   towards   the   nostrils   on   the   face.   This   secretion   flowing   to   the   pharynx   makes   the   child   cough.   The   younger   the child   is   the   shorter   and   straighter   his/her   pharyngotympanic   tube   is.   Therefore   the   flowing   secretion   can   be   coughed   into   the   middle   ear, which may lead to its inflammation. A   possible   puncture   of   the   ear   or   taking   antibiotics   can   be   prevented   by   the   regular   use   of   the   Baby-Vac.   Infants   cannot   breathe   through   their mouth, babies cannot suck if their noses are obstructed and this is why it is very important to keep their nasal cavity clear.